Rapanui roots are present at all times in the hotel, starting by the concept of a Rapanui boat house to the drawings of the exterior walls. The rooms are distributed in three semi-circles, linked by a network of trails across through the gardens. Green areas and crops constitute one of the most important objectives of the project; they generate a lush, cool, colorful and shaded alive space to relax from the stunning sun.

Archaeological assessment evidenced the presence of several small archaeological sites. Design envisaged as one of the main objectives, not only care of the sites, but also including them in the experience of the visitor to the hotel. They were surrounded by stone low fences for protection also enabling the visitor to see them. The concept includes that the guests feel, understand and learn to respect the island as the archaeological-cultural monument it is and thus participate in its care during their stay. Outside the hotel is painted with motifs of the island, privileging black as the color used in traditional objects.