Hoteles Altiplánico

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Thank you for your interest in Altiplanico. If you need information or want more details about a particular hotel, we appreciate any questions, concerns or feedback you may have.

You can call or write to our offices in Santiago de Chile or directly to the hotels:

Central Office: (Santiago):

Phone number: +56-2-32242370 / +56-2-32242371
Address: Av. Las Condes 11283, of. 301 B, Las Condes, Santiago

Altiplanico Santiago (Bellas Artes):

Reservations: +56-2-32242370 /
Hotel: +56-2-29557747 /
Address: Santo Domingo 526, Santiago, Chile

Altiplanico San Pedro de Atacama:

Reservations: +56-2-32242371 /
Hotel: +56-55-2851212 /
Address: Domingo Atienza 282, San Pedro de Atacama

Altiplanico Cajón del Maipo:

Reservations: +56-2-28612078, +56-9-54079725 /
Hotel: +56-2-28612078, +56-9-54079725 /
Address: Camino al Volcán 29955, San José de Maipo

Altiplanico Isla de Pascua:

Reservations: +56-2-32242370 /
Hotel: +56-32-2552190 /
Address: Lote E Sector Hinere, Hanga Roa, Easter Island

Altiplanico Patagonia:

Reservations: +56-2-32242370 /
Address: El Huerto 282, Puerto Natales