The objective was to develop a private, warm space allowing feeling of being sheltered from the strength of the desert. The hotel has 29 rooms arranged in three semicircles, with cultivated fields in between. It has single, doubles, triples and family rooms, based on separate houses, with individual terraces, WiFi, private bathrooms and independent entries. Some rooms have outside showers to enjoy the starry night and sunny days. They are decorated with great simplicity, using different resources of color and shape. Inside the atmosphere is fresh and cozy; each has a terrace to enjoy the view. Most furniture is in built to give the feeling that the hotel is part of Atacama, arising from the earth.

Each room is unique, with different distribution and decoration. This contributes to the feeling that predominates which is that the hotel is really a home. To honor Atacama’s old Indian concept of rooms as a refuge for the intense sun of the day and cold of the night, was developed. This is why windows are small and walls are thick; to live the desert one has to go outside.

Room specification

Type m² room m² bathroom m² room total Additional outside shower
Double superior 27-29 9-11 36-39 Yes
Double standard 22-25 8-13 30-34 No
Triple 21-35 8-14 36-43 No