The concept anchors the design to the earth color of the walls and straw ceilings that merge the hotel with nature. Great emphasis in the use of the earth materials as well as a design is inspired in the Altiplano Chilean-Boliviano gave origin to this project. This method of building is mixtures of Indian culture with Spanish colonization, both are present, and are an excellent solution to the intense desert climate. The decoration highlights the Indian roots.

The desert is beautiful for its silence so the visual information was minimized to reduce competition of color with the landscape. Its construction is totally adobe bricks, stone, wood and other noble materials of the area, such as tar and straw. The hotel combines in a very particular way refinement in the decoration; simplicity of materials, good taste and beauty, giving finally the impression of being in a small village of the Altiplano. This gives the opportunity to the guest to feel the Atacama spirit in a cozy hotel with great privacy, space and comfort, enjoying at the same time the silence and the spectacular view that offers Ayllu Quitor with volcano Licancabur as silent witness.