Maipo Valley

Metropolitan Region, Central Valley

Stargazing, waking up with the sound of the river, long walks, horseback riding, glaciers and majestic views are some of the countless attractions offered by El Cajón del Maipo. This place among the mountains offers a wide variety of adventure and sport activities. It is also a perfect oasis for those seeking calm and relaxing moments.

Only 50 km away from Santiago, in the middle of the Andes Mountains, a mesmerizing place welcomes the visitors. There, they can relax and enjoy nature together with the sounds of Maipo River and the mountains.

Main Touristic Attractions

  1. El Morado Glacier: There, it is possible to feel the magnificence of the Andes and to watch very closely the amazing spectacle offered by the glacier with its 12 ms high ice walls and the icebergs floating around the lagoon.
  2. Embalse del Yeso (Dam). Situated in amidst the Andes, it collects the turquoise waters of Yeso river, in a beautiful landscape surrounded by snow-covered  mountains. During the summer season travelers can practice windsurf and trout fishing.
  3. Valle de la Colina Thermal Springs:  Distant, majestic and silent land, amidst the Andes.  A hot bath in the thermal springs can be combined with a cool rain or be taken in the moonlight during the summer season.
  4.  Horseback riding Colorado River Cannon: This is the best way to discover the Andes.
  5. Trekking Meseta del Toro: A characteristic and beautiful place of the Cajon del Maipo area. There you can experiment a close contact with the flora and fauna of the Chilean central zone and also have amazing views of Maipo Valley and the Andes.
  6. Rafting Maipo River: Maipo River is the most famous river of the Chilean central area.
  7. Vineyard Tours: Maipo Valley is one of the six valleys where the most important vineyards are located. It is famous for its Cabernet Souvignon.
  8. Adventure Sports: mountain climbing, boulders, canopy, bike riding, bungee jumping, randonee and snow rackets are some of the activities offered by Cajón del Maipo.